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Mario Perotti Virtual World

  Alwin Honda NSR Dec 30 2002
     Alwin put up a new website on Honda NSR
Telecom World Nov 30 2002
     resellers updated
Melissa Okt 07 2002
     Redesign page
Melissa Sep 23 2002
     Info updated
Lea's World June 15 2002
     Pictures of tennisweekend added
Lea's World June 8 2002
     Family pictures of 88th birthday of Lea's mother
Telecom World May 26 2002
     events updated
Melissa March 3 2002
     link to other homepage added
Clock added at Mario's World and Lea's World Febrary 18 2002
     wonderfull script (don't know the owner)
Telecom World January 27 2002
     ECI Telecom Ltd. announced that it has completed the sale of its Business Systems division
Telecom World January 13 2002
     Distributors added

Earlier News December 31 2001
     from 2001

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