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  New pictures of Patricia at her webpage. Dec 30 2001
     pictures of her visit to Holland and meeting Zwarte Piet from Madrid.
Lea updated her Homepage Dec 9 2001
     New links at her page.
New photo at Melissa Homepage Nov 30 2001
     New photo and different colors at her page.
Melissa updated her page again Nov 3 2001
     Information updated according to today's facts.
Information for starting a webpage Oct 28 2001
     sorry, dutch only
Alwin updated some of his pages Okt 19 2001
     to make the information accurate again
New Menu added Sep 24 2001
     Thanx to 24fun
Melissa updated her page Sep 13 2001
     Information updated according to today's facts.
New Events added Aug 18 2001
     to the Telecom World pages
Alwin renewed his music page Jun 24 2001
     to make some space at the server
Melissa renewed her page Jun 17 2001
     Vengaboys are out now;-)
Telecom World June 17 2001
     Cyber Contac Center: new info on VoIP
Telecom World May 12 2001
     new product: PIX (Personal Infomation eXchange)
The DeLorean pages with new design Mrch 25 2001
     Black background, new animated gif
Melissa renewed het page Jan 21 2001
     Vengaboys are out now;-)
Nitsuko now NeXTel Jan 7 2001
     Lots of information updated, dealers, events, products
Rotary Heerhugowaard Langedijk Jan 1 2001
     Website with new URL: www.rotary-hl.nl

Earlier News December 31 2000
     from 2000

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