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  Telecom World pages Dec 26 2000
     Lots of information updated, dealers, events, products
Telecom World pages Dec 9 2000
     Dealer pages updated
Telecom World pages Nov 14 2000
     Cyber Contact Center added
Telecom World pages Oct 30 2000
     New Pages added
Langedijk Oct 25 2000
     New Page about Langedijk with Langedijker volkslied
Telecom World Oct 23 2000
     New Telecom PBX Portal
Alwin Oct 19 2000
     Pages updated
Melissa Sept 13 2000
     Page updated
Telecom Pages July 24 2000
     New Link to NeXTel, distribitor for Nitsuko in BeNeLux
Telecom Pages June 15 2000
     Links updated
Cyber Contact Center May 16 2000
     Leon Stolk with his DiscoClassics
Patricia has her own Homepage April 4 2000
     New pictures of the youngest member of our family
Langedijker volkslied April 1 2000
     The folk-songs from our village Langedijk
Cyber Contact Center March 16 2000
     New and updated addresses
Personal message of Alwin Februari 19 2000
     Personal Message of Alwin added in Real Video
Photo's from the family reunion February 13 2000
      All Perotti's together

Photo's added from the area where we live January 16 2000
     Nice birdseye view of the area '1000 Eilanden Rijk'
www.perotti.nl Our own domain a fact! January 10 2000
     From now on on-line

Earlier News December 31 1999
     from 1999

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