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Mario Perotti Virtual World
Dec 31 1999

  Patricia has her own Homepage November 28 1999
     The youngest member of our family
Melissa's Home Page September 19 1999
     Telecom links updated
Virtual World September 17 1999
     New buttons for navigation
Alwin Homepage September 5 1999
     Alwin added new pages to his homepage
Melissa September 1 1999
     Melissa and Alwin gathered a lot of pictures and added a new pages with info
Alwin Airwolf page August 27 1999
     Alwin added his Airwolf page
Telecom Pages July 5 1999
Slotracing Pages June 19 1999
Telecom Pages June 19 1999
     Slotracing pages now linked to the SSP pages
DeLorean Club Netherlands June 18 1999
     Old Delorean pages changed into the new pages at DeLorean Club Netherlands
DeLorean April 6 1999
     New info added
Melissa Home Page February 14 1999
     Venga Boys are in, Spice Girls are ...
Cyber Contact Center February 12 1999
     New and updated addresses
Melissa's Home Page February 7 1999
     Melissa renewed her page to Venga Boys
DeLorean Club Nederland Januari 21 1999
     New site for a new Club

Earlier News December 31 1998
     from 1998

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