• Number of DeLorean's in the Netherlands
    There are not many DeLorean's in our small country. Although around 100 DeLorean's are registered in the Netherlands.

  • Import of a DeLorean of buy in the Netherlands (from the US)
    The question is: is it cheaper to import a car (from the US): most of the times it is not cheaper, but in many cases you can buy a car in a better condition.
    Especial when you can make a choice out of the several dealers and owners through the whole country.
    Most important reason for import could be that the chassis is in better condition, as the climate is better in most of the states and the parts are more easy to obtain. So the condition of the car could be better, because the servicing of the car could have been done better.

  • Where to look for when buying a car?
    There is a checklist available. You can download the Vehicle Inspection Report. to read with Adobe Acrobat reader.

  • Insurance
    To get the car insured in the Netherlands is not too difficult. There are several insurance parties specialized in classic cars. You have to let the car examined to get the right value with an taxation report.

  • How to maintain a DeLorean
    There are no (former) dealers of the DeLorean in the Nederlands.
    There is a garage specialised in DeLorean: he is good, so not cheap. When you are not able to do the maintenance yourself, a general garage can do it for you. It is never the less better to inform the mechanics about the special technical tips - such as not to adjust the doors without reading the workshop manual first - otherwise the car can be damaged.

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