Peter de Bruin and Gerrit Verkerk from Soest started at the end of the 80ies a DeLorean revival.
Gerrit bought in the States a DeLorean and involved Peter. Within a month Peter had a collection of hundreds published articles and Gerrit received the second and third DeLorean in the Netherlands.

Special the story behind the birth of the car, the history of the production facilities and last but not least: the person of John DeLorean fascinated the duo. They decided to introduce the brandname again in the Netherlands. They developed a promotion campain.

During the Droomauto show (een classic event in Hilversum) in 1990, they started their campaign. A fully equiped DeLorean stand with two new DeLoreans, presentation material, video-shows, give away posters, a meeting corner with a snack and a bite. The gentlemen were dressed accordingly: with DeLorean ties and DeLorean pins.

Thousants visitors became influated during three days with the DeLorean.
De movies Back to the Future were launched recently, so the young ones recoignised the car. Much publicity followed at radio, television and in verious newspapers and magazines. Een real club was not founded, but a small club of friends kept contact during several years. More events followed: a big meeting in Soest with 35 DeLoreans.
With three DeLoreans Peter and Gerrit organised a promotion tour during the Midem in Cannes France (a big international musicevent).
In 1992 more than 10 DeLoreans were present at the Marlbouro Masters at Zandvoort, the national racing-track
Then it became a little quiet. Daily business got priority. Peter and Gerrit believed that their start would get a restart sooner of later. The proof: both have since then a few perfect examples (under special DMC covers) put apart. Peter even has a "300 delivery-miles" specimen. An 18 year old DeLorean, whick could have been produced this week.

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