Foto's DeLorean VIN #10117

Mario Perotti
  • VIN #10117
  • Build: dec-81
  • Transm: automatic
  • Interior: grey
  • Lining hood: no
  • Flap: no
  • Emblem: yes
Mario is Founder of the DeLorean Club Netherlands.

The DeLorean from Mario in front of a red/yellow tulipfield in the spring near the town called Alkmaar.

Mario in Rotterdam voor de brug 'De Zwaan'. Een uniek plaatje, geschoten ter illustratie van een artikel in het bedrijfsblad van Mario's werkgever.

Mario in Rotterdam just in front of the bridge 'The Swan'. A unique picture.


Even een ritje maken in de sneeuw. Snel de auto uit..... en natuurlijk een foto voor het meertje bij ons huis. Z'n eerste ervaring met sneeuw.

Just for a ride in the snow. Out of the car for a quick photoshot, just in front of a small lake near our house. It's first taste of snow

First tase of snow

Foto genomen tijdens de deelname aan de Badkönig evenement in 2000 van DeLorean Club Duitsland.

Photo taken during the Badkönig event 2000 of DeLorean Club Germany

Germany 2000

Mario en z'n vrouw Lea op de oprit.

Mario and his wife Lea.

At home

De familie biijeen in 1998 in ons dorp. Hier had de auto nog steeds het Engelse kenteken.

The family together in 1998 in our village. The car then had still the UK registration.

The Netherlands

Een kijkje in de motorruimte van mijn auto. Is het geen plaatje?

Here the engine of my car. You can see that also the engine is maintained very well.

My engine

M'n kinderen en ik voor het appartement in Connecticut.

My kids and me in front of the appartment in Connecticut.

Connecticut (USA)

The owner of VIN#10117 was selling his car. Grey interior, 3,000 miles, automatic, Top shape, THE car I was looking for.
I purchased the car for a fair price and had it updated by Rob Grady. Although it took some time, he did a good job
These are the first pictures made of my DeLorean: In front of the DeLorean dealer PJ Grady and on the journey home, waiting for the ferry from Long Island (NY).
The first few months the car stayed in the US to have all the illnesses repaired and updates done. After this the car is shipped to Europe.

New York - Long Island Ferry
Because I have little spare time I prefere not to have restaurationwork on my car. Since I couldn't find any in a very good shape for sale in my country, I decided to look for a car in the States.
After reading several advertisements and reading many mails at the DeLorean Mailing List (Subscribe!), I decided to buy a good and 'new' car.
The only problem then is, how to find a good car and how to be sure that the car doesn't have any hidden problems.
After consulting the DeLoreans Owners Association, we contacted Rob Grady for a purchase check and repair advise.

New York - PJ Grady

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